CARE CENTRED LTD is registered by the Care Quality Commission and provides home based care services for service users clients in Croydon,Purley Surrey, Wandsworth, and  Waltham Forest. Due to our passion for the safety of our clients and staffs, we are fully insured with our operations and/or services provision. 
Our very experienced Director and Care Manager with over 15years in the industry  understands the decision can be difficult when considering all the different types of care and support services that are available for yourself or a loved-one. Therefore with Care Centred Ltd., we have putting together a lot of Services options to choose from when working out which type of  care support services you or your loved one would mostly benefit from.

CARE CENTRED LTD specialises in providing healthcare to clients suffering from Dementia, Learning disabilities, Complex needs  and vulnerable in the community. Our well chosen and experienced care professionals  canbe trusted with a 24hours service looking after referrals from the NHS CCGs,Local Authorities and Private/self-funded clients in their own chosen accomodation. 

CARE CENTRED LTDs services range from, but not limited to  personal and non-personal care, palliative care, live-in  and live-out services.

CARE CENTRED LTD considers clinical governance important to our long-term vision. We are committed to doing the right things in the right way and at the right time by the right team.
We have a desire to deliver high quality home-based care wherever we work and encourage feedback from all of our end users so that we can strive for continual improvement.

CARE CENTRED LTD operates in accordance with The Care Act 2014 and we also hold full registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
We would be happy to discuss your personal  care requirements so please call us on 07586572522 / 02038427538 or alternatively email us at

Our Extra Assisted Care service,can give you everything below :
   * An hour's worth of domestic assistance each week as standard
   * A helpful team that's on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
   *A personal care package that's flexible around your needs –

    you only pay for what you use, and you can change the level of support as you go along
   * Providing care to cover for family break (respite)
   * Wake-in night and sleeping overnight care.

   *Escorting/accompanying within the community to day centres, doctor's surgery, opticians and shops

   *A table service at your home that's given every day. So if you don't always feel like cooking,
     you won't have to.
   *Assist with getting in and out of bed
   *Assist with dressing and grooming
   *Preparation of meals and drinks
   *Prompting or administration of medication

  1. Personal Care
    Personal Care includes: assistance with dressing, feeding, washing and toileting, as well as advice, encouragement and emotional and psychological support
  2. Home Help
    Illness, age or infirmity can make it difficult to carry out all of the personal care tasks that you once handled with ease. Our fully trained Care Workers are experienced in helping all kinds of people with their personal care, respecting your dignity at all times while aiming to help you to retain as much independence as possible
  3. Companionship
    Companionship is having someone around to talk to rather than being on your own. Our experienced Care Workers will make you feel home and happy always.
  1. More Independence
    More Independence
    One of the main benefits of Care Centred Ltd homecare services is keeping the independence you have. Having homecare services doesn’t alter daily routines and you keep your independence, choosing to get up, eat, socialise and sleep when you want to. If you chooses, a support worker can also assist with trips out if they like to live an active and social life.
  2. Steve Atkins
    Steve Atkins
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