Your personalised care at heart

Safeguarding from abuse
You must not suffer any form of abuse or improper treatment while receiving care. This includes;
* neglect
* degrading treatment
* unnecessary or disproportionate restraint
* inappropriate limits on your freedom.

Food and drink
You must have enough to eat and drink to keep you in good health while you receive care and treatment.

Premises and equipment
Care Centred Ltd will ensure that your home or the places where you receive care and treatment and the equipment used in is assessed, clean, suitable, secured and looked after properly.

As Care Providers, we promote and encourage our service users to complain about their care and treatment whenever they feel so. We have a system in place so we can handle and respond to your complaint. We investigate it thoroughly and take action if problems are identified.

Good governance
Care Centred Ltd have plans that ensure we can meet these standards.
Our effective governance and systems checks on the quality and safety of care. These help the service improve and reduce any risks to your health, safety and welfare.

In Care Centred Ltd., we have enough suitably qualified, competent and experienced staff to make sure we meet your daily needs according to policies and procedures and CQC standards.
Our staff are given the support, training and supervision they need to help them do their job.

Fit and proper staff
Care Centred Ltd only employ people who can provide care and treatment appropriate to their role. We have a strong recruitment procedures in place and carry out relevant checks such as on applicants' criminal records and work history.

Duty of candour
In Care Centred Ltd, we are open and transparent with our service users about your care and treatment. Should something go wrong, will tell you what has happened, provide support and apologise.

  1. Personal Care
    Personal Care includes: assistance with dressing, feeding, washing and toileting, as well as advice, encouragement and emotional and psychological support
  2. Home Help
    Illness, age or infirmity can make it difficult to carry out all of the personal care tasks that you once handled with ease. Our fully trained Care Workers are experienced in helping all kinds of people with their personal care, respecting your dignity at all times while aiming to help you to retain as much independence as possible
  3. Companionship
    Companionship is having someone around to talk to rather than being on your own. Our experienced Care Workers will make you feel home and happy always.
  1. More Independence
    More Independence
    One of the main benefits of Care Centred Ltd homecare services is keeping the independence you have. Having homecare services doesn’t alter daily routines and you keep your independence, choosing to get up, eat, socialise and sleep when you want to. If you chooses, a support worker can also assist with trips out if they like to live an active and social life.
  2. Steve Atkins
    Steve Atkins
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